Now that das editor and I have finally finished carving on book 6, I figure it’s safe to take a breath and give an update about its release.

We are still shooting for a Labor Day weekend release. (About two weeks from now) I hope to get an excerpt up next Monday.

In other news, I plan to spend a good deal of this week mucking around with covers and ebook coding so if you see graphics changing and etc, you’re not losing your mind. I really am updating covers again with great big numbers on the front to help readers keep track of where they’re at in the series.

If I’m feeling very brave, I may start updating files, too. I hope no one’s holding their breath. I’d much rather wrap book 7 than risk the wrath of Amazon.

Anyway, that’s what we’re looking at for Book 6. I’m not sure of the exact date we’ll start uploading files, but I’ll post the Smashwords link as soon as it’s functional. That way, all the file types are at least available if the others are slow to go live.

Off to torture Thomas.

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