To prevent any undue celebration or panic, this post is notification that we have just pushed a “canary” file update to Amazon. We used the bundled Help Wanted and The New Girl version.

Please do not mistake this cover/file upgrade for an early release of Book 6. This is not the new episode. This is a Kindle-only bundle of books one and two.

As seen above, the file is sporting a new cover. The updates also introduce working navigational controls, and the typo cleanups.

For those readers who purchased the Kindle bundle, Amazon might notify you of an available file update. I doubt it, though; on the surface, the changes made were very minor. If, however, you would like the 5-way nav controls, please wait until the Amazon listing shows the new cover, then delete the existing bundle-edition file and re-download at will.

We updated this canary to see if the file gets blocked. It is possible — even probable — that this file and its Amazon listing will become unavailable for up to 4 – 5 days. Please do not yell at Amazon for this; they are testing an extra layer of copyright-verification protection. This is GOOD for authors and consumers in the long run, even if it’s annoying in the short term.

ETA: It appears the brief outage is over… for now. If it doesn’t show up as blocked before midnight tonight, it’s very possible I’ll start updating the other covers and files this weekend so that everything’s ready for book 6’s release.