Whenever I talk about release dates I always add “barring anything unforeseen”. Well, the unforeseen happened:

We had a break-in last week.

Don’t worry. No one was home, no one was hurt or anything, but try as I might not to let it affect me, apparently “HULK SMASH” is not a recommended revisions method. The episode isn’t yet in the shape readers deserve, and right now I’m worried about hitting the marks in an already tight production schedule.

Wish Her Well will probably still make the Halloween target, but if it’s late, blame me, not Amazon or Smashwords or whoever.

Not coincidentally, it’ll continue to be pretty quiet ’round these parts. I’m more apt to check the forums than here, so please direct stuff there or email, if you would, please.

Have a great Monday. (Or at least install some sort of alarm)