Morning, everyone —

I’m taking a break in my oh-my-God-everyone-out-east-is-turning-into-a-Jack-and-Rose-reenactment panic attack to announce I’ve made the decision to delay Wish Her Well‘s release; the episode is nearly ready. It’s just… not ready.

On the upside, it’s weighing in at 28,000+ words, making it the longest episode by far (which is what’s slowing us down so much).

The delay won’t be too terribly long. I’ll update as soon as I know more, and for everyone out east, please be smart and careful.

One Reply to “The Storm Will Go On”

  1. Mentally jumping up and down in excitement!

    I seriously cannot wait to read WHW. I’ve missed Thomas, Josh, and Amanda’s exploits, frustrations and mysteries!

    Oh, just so you know, you are a seriously skilled writer. I’ve read a few indie books recently that, through satisfactory in the storyline department and pleasant enough to read, simply didn’t have the concise and clean flow that your writing possesses.

    Anyway, I’ll no doubt be exalting you in the spoiler zone when Book 7 comes out and once again blows me away!

    Keep well and stay safe especially if you are in any area that’s getting hammered by the freakishly volatile weather that’s tormenting the States at the moment.

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