Das inbox says I’m not quite done answering questions yet.

Q: What ever happened to The Nights of Yes?

A: The Nights of Yes is a standalone erotic romance that has been back-burnered while I work on Fantasy Heights.

Someday I’ll get the story into fighting shape. I swear it, though so far, the only progress made is the purchase of the cover art image.

Q: You said something about a paranormal standalone?

A: Yep. Its working title is The Dead Machine, which will obviously have to change. It’s connected to Fantasy Heights in a wildly roundabout fashion. The connection has to do with a certain contraption seen in Wish Her Well.

Aside from these two, there’s another standalone in development, a marriage-of-convenience trope I’ve been kicking around for a long time.

I have absolutely no ETA for any of these. (I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.)

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  1. With the outstnding writing and ability to pull your readers into your worlds, I would love to read both your paranormal and romance stories. It’s hard to find a writer that is able to suck you in and make you forget to actually make dinner for the monsters and hubby LOL

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