Confession delayed this week because we’ve hit a snag that’s having some interesting ramifications.

If you have a moment, please tell me how you read ebooks. Do you have a dedicated device like the Nook or Kindle or Sony? Do you read on your PC? Laptop? Phone?

If phone, which app do you use?

Any input is very much appreciated. The information will really help us make our resources easier to use.

6 Replies to “Busy Busy”

  1. I use both a dedicated device (Nook) and my PC (pdf). Love the FH books and I am looking for 9 to blow me away.

  2. I read all of my ebooks on Kindle. FH has been wonderful and can’t hardly wait for FH9….. wondering if it will be the end or just the beginning?!? Also, I am looking forward to all the great adventures you have yet to lead us on with your new works.

  3. The only books I pay for are on my Nook. But I did down load Help wanted (for free) on my Kindle App (which I had 1st on my htc evo phone & then dwnloaded the app on my I-pad.) I also do read a lot of my books on my I-books on my I-pad. But again free books only. All your other books I paid for on my Nook! I am also trying to get my local library to start carrying more adult books. (Have been requesting!) & they are carrying 50 shades, De Sade & other various books/authors, so I know they are open to things. My 1st experience with adult books was from my library actually (The Kushiel series by Jaquueline Carey). they also have a downloading system to your own deice you can borrow books through hint hint! Am trying to get my book club to read your FH series.

    1. P.S. I pulled not bing my self to read your post about book 9! I couldn’t spoil it for myself! But i’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting!

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