Despite the fact I really shouldn’t be on the internet on April Fools Day because I am ridiculously gullible (even after the morning cuppa), today I’m going to talk about what I’ve got in store once Fantasy Heights’s Book 9 releases. And just to be clear, this is NOT an April Fools-type post. This is actually what’s coming up next from Meg Silver.

What will happen with Fantasy Heights?:

Book 9 ends the first “season” of the psuedo-serial, but Fantasy Heights will continue. Most primary cast members (like Amanda, Josh and Thomas) will remain in the stories, though they won’t be in the spotlight. Other characters (like Ben and Scott) will become central characters along with a number of new players.

For those who are curious, the central conflict of the next “season” involves the missing gamers mentioned briefly in All The Queen’s Men. This conflict reaches all the way back to Book 5, and there will be a new development in Book 9 to set the stage.

Emma and I are currently at fisticuffs over how many episodes “season 2” will be. I just honestly don’t know yet; it depends on how twisty I decide to let the latter half of the season become. (I get so carried away…)

I’m also considering the occasional Fantasy Heights “short” featuring a specific fantasy, client a/o performer. I’ll talk more about this once I’ve decided how to keep shorts and serials separate.

What will happen with The Paramour Project?:

The Paramour Project will not work like Fantasy Heights. No serial format, this time. The Paramour stories are novella- or novel-length erotic romances connected by a common element: one of the characters is a Paramour. And yes, you read that correctly. These are erotic romances, not erotica. With these, expect a “happily ever after” or at least a “happy for now”.

The first runs appx 50k words. At this point, it looks like some will have a suspense a/o action/adventure element, though one of them currently under development, does not.

Be advised that even though all these stories will feature M/F couples, the Paramour will not always be the “F”.


I have a notebook bristling with sticky flags, each with an idea I intend to develop… someday. Among them are a bunch of paranormals and some non-FH-related contemporary romances. For now, Fantasy Heights and The Paramours have priority. Just don’t be surprised if the occasional gray-duck pops up. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to differentiate the franchise/serial stuff from these stand-alones.


That’s it for now; I’ve three teenagers off school today and I must play peacekeeper.