Jesus. How did it get to be Wednesday?


CONFESSION: I sing to my pets.

Mixed results. Two of the cats flee in terror. The other cat (of the persistent monitor intrusion) tries to stick her head into my mouth.

The dog, of course, thinks I am a rockstar.

4 Replies to “Confession Tues… Er, Wednesday”

  1. This post makes me feel so much better about making up songs about and to my cat Rhubarb – 🙂 Thanks

  2. I don’t sing to Filo but I do sing & when I do my cat comes running! It seems my singing can bring my cat out of no where. Don’t know why he loves my howling! haha
    Hmmm maybe I should try the singing when I’m trying to call him in at bloody o’clock at night! Sure my neighbours would love that!

  3. I sing cadence while I run. Something that is perfectly normal (even expected) in the Marine Corps, but a bit startling to New York City runners. More than one dog has joined in with a howl.

    P. S. I just finished reading the first book of Fantasy Heights and loved it; got one through seven. Will probably listen to another one tomorrow (Kindle text-to-speech) while running. No singing 😉

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