Update time. We’ve got two stories grinding their way gracelessly through the system. I haven’t yet got release dates. There’s suckage (not the fun kind) issues with one, continuity issues plus cover-art drama with the other. I do like to keep things simple. #side-eye

As for Fantasy Heights Season Two, I’m taking some time to let the latter half of the season crystallize some more. We are currently fighting about how much POV-time Josh should get, and how weird it’s gonna be to split episodes between two POV characters whose story lines are so vastly different. (This is why we can’t have nice things.)

Anyway. Coffee time! Have a great Monday.

2 Replies to “Book Of Secrets”

  1. Knowing there are a few somethings in the pipeline coming from you helps me get through my Monday! Happiness all around. 😉

  2. Josh should have his own story line. You need to keep him working hard and getting hard! I love him and hope he finds someone sexy, strong, and kinky! Plus a few more threesomes with Amanda and Thomas (hot, hot, hot)

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