Please forgive me while I settle a behind-the-scenes girly-slap fight in public.

AND I e-mailed someone for corroboration. So nyah.

(It’s Thursday. I’m allowed to be an immature prat on Thursdays.

3 Replies to “Because Emma Is A Doubting Thomas”

  1. We can not have Emma doudting Thomas (in my mind) he can do no wrong and could do anything Meg writes him to. Happy slap fighting!

  2. Meg, I have a question. Why is “The nights of Yes” not listed under Books or Library? It was a nice love story.
    A comment from my husband, he enjoys your writing very much and love that he enjoys going on the naughty journey with me that is reading your books. Thank you for the FH update info yesterday. :o)

  3. What was your prattery excuse yesterday?

    Hurry up at spelling bee. We’re not done slap-fighting about apostrophe placement, either.

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