In an effort to out-dork myself, I bring you Meg Silver’s May The Fourth Celebration!

Meg Silver's May The Fourth Celebration

To enter, please fill out this form.

It’s short and to the point, and you’ll notice there’s an array of prizes this time. We tried to include some different stuff for those readers who have all the books already. Here’s the complete list (so far):

Fantasy Heights, The Complete Season One (e-book)
The Nights of Yes (e-book)
Gentleman’s Privilege (e-book)
Lovers Walk (e-book)
Calais County mini-series-so-far Bundle (e-book)
Signed rack card
Mini-AMA (winner is featured on Meg’s blog, gets to ask Meg four questions)
Manuscript critique

If you have requests for a different prize, let us know! We’re always open to suggestions. Either comment here on the blog, or email Meg directly at

Remember, to enter, you must fill out this form before midnight on May the 4th. We will select four lucky winners and contact them on May 5th.

If we hear a prize suggestion that we really like, we might add it to the list — When winners are contacted, they’ll be allowed to change their prize selection at that time.

Go forth and enter, you will…

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  1. Idea for next contest prize, the first book of paramour series or the first in season two of fantasy heights. We would all love to win that, I’m sure!

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