Happy Wednesday! (Checks carefully to make sure it is, in fact, Wednesday. Whew!)


Everyone on the contest/promo mailing list should check their inboxes — a little something went out to y’all a few minutes ago.

Regarding MY inbox, I’m starting to get a lot of questions about what readers can expect from Fantasy Heights, Season Two. In case you haven’t noticed the countdown tickers all over the place, we’ve only got about twelve days to go before the launch of Episode Ten.

Most of you also probably know things are a tad busy behind the scenes around here, so instead of doing an AME or chat, I decided to try a simple Q & A where readers can ask as many questions as they want about Fantasy Heights Season Two or whatever else they want to bring up. We’ll do this via a simple form. I’ll answer the most frequently asked questions (and whichever others strike my fancy) here on the blog as we work our way up to Paramour‘s release.

Questions can be submitted using this form.
Here’s the visible link, just in case: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JaexCf7Hv12WcpMm_i6ioE9MRClCkG2AGsUyumjMijM/viewform?usp=send_form

Participants have a chance at winning an early copy of Paramour, so rev up those curious brain cells and let the questions fly.