We’re loving all the reviews so far for Paramour


From Amazon.com Users:

By C. VanSickle
I received this book ARC. Can I just say I have missed Fantasy Heights. It is great meeting new characters like Sophie and Hector and also loved the character’s from season 1 like Ben. I believe you can read this series without reading season 1. I wouldn’t recommend it though. Season 1 is a great read. Meg highlights the important points from those books so you wouldn’t be lost. I love this author’s writing style and her books always leave you wanting more. Anticipating book 11.

By BookObsessed
There is no doubt Meg Silver knows how to write a hot book, and that she knows how to write a great mystery. Fantasy Heights Paramour 10 does not disappoint. It is a fast read (I was able to finish it in one night) and then I was itching for part 2!

If you like sexy reads (with lots of dirty bits!) do yourself a favour and pick up this book.

By Amazon Customer
Was fortunate enough to get an ARC of this episode and it most certainly did not disappoint. Loved the new characters at Fantasy Heights and was happy we got to see a few familiar faces as well. Only bad thing about it is having to wait for the next release! May have to re-read the first season again to tide me over!

From Goodreads Users

By Christy
The new “season” of Meg Silver’s Fantasy Heights series does not disappoint!!! Meg has this wonderful way of blending intrigue and passion. I cannot wait to see where she takes us and what trouble there is on the way!!! Hooked doesn’t even begin to cover it!!!

Won an advanced reading copy in a giveaway. and boy am I glad I didn’t have to wait any longer!!! Truth is, I would happily pay full price as I did for the entire first season. It is good, fun reading!!!!

By Robin
Just finished reading an advanced release copy!!! Loved it!! Just as good as Season 1. Can’t wait for number 11!!!

By Jackie
Sexy, hot. Steamy. Meg never ever disappoints.

In season two, we get new characters, as it is set a year after Season One ends.

A new recruit is brought in under cover and of course gets to have lots and lots of sex on the Fantasy Heights grounds. With experienced men who sound just yummy. The new recruit gets to experience all that Fantasy Heights has to offer all the while trying to figure out its deepest, darkest secrets.

But, thankfully, we get to see Amanda, Josh, and Thomas! So, yay! And of course, we get to see some of the other characters too.

This is such a great read. So highly anticipated! Such a great addition to my Meg Silver Collection!

Thank You!