The Good News: We will have a new release tomorrow!

The Bad News: As much as I would love to hang out with everyone and celebrate and hold my breath to see what everyone thought about the episode, there’s a good chance I will be away Wednesday through Sunday this week.

Normally I don’t talk about things like this because who cares about an author’s personal life, you know? But the indie gig changes the game entirely. Emma has been busting her ass to help get Eightman through the beta process (because I was away for most of it), and since the Internet really isn’t Emma’s scene, I need to turn to you guys for help with this one.

When Eightman goes live, every tweet, every share, every review will be mega-important because I won’t be here to promote/do those things myself.

Here’s the story: My mom has a bulged disc that’s pinched a nerve. She’s been in bed (and in major pain) for six weeks, and she’s the sole caretaker for my diabetic/heart-patient father. They live two and a half hours away from the nearest kid (me). Obviously, my sisters and I have been scrambling to help out down there, and FINALLY, this Wednesday, Mom is having surgery to repair this problem. Once that happens, I’m gone until Sunday.

I’ll have my phone to do email, of course, but my parents have a dial-up Internet connection. (I know, right?) So basically I’m cut off from all the ways I usually hang out with you guys. Hence why I’m asking for help with the New Release shares and tweets. I just won’t be here to do all the fun things we usually do.

Now, in the middle of this, one of my sisters is due to be come a grandmother any second. What a mad combo of stress, excitement and worry. I’mma need a huge amount of chocolate when this is all said and done.

Have a great Monday, and stand by for Episode 11!

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  1. I’m your pimp girl. And your pimp… girl.

    I haven’t opened a book since Saturday. Can’t wait to open your new one!!!

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