There will be some availability changes rolling through over the next several weeks while I change distributors.

These titles will be returning to wide distribution within the next couple days:
Gentleman’s Privilege
Lovers Walk

These titles will be available ONLY on Amazon, All Romance and Google Play temporarily:
The New Girl (as a standalone file)
At Her Command (as a standalone file)
All Of Her (as a standalone file)
The Fantasy Heights episodes listed above are, of course, available as part of the Season One boxset on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

These titles will be available ONLY on Amazon temporarily:
The Nights Of Yes

The Season One boxset will be available for the first time on iTunes and Kobo very soon.

I’ll be updating availability and links on the site as things change.

I apologize for any inconvenience. Any questions, y’all know where to find me…

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  1. I know if I can’t find you you’ll find us (you’re loyal fans) just read you’re calais county books and I love them!!!!! Fantasy heights is my favorite series. I think calais is as good as fantasy heights. Has great potential. Looking forward to more.

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