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Availability Changes

by megsilver on January 28, 2015

There will be some availability changes rolling through over the next several weeks while I change distributors. These titles will be returning to wide distribution within the next couple days: Gentleman’s Privilege Lovers Walk These titles will be available ONLY on Amazon, All Romance and Google Play temporarily: The New Girl (as a standalone file) […]


by megsilver on December 11, 2014

Heads up on some upcoming changes (that probably no one other than me cares about…) Gentleman’s Privilege and Lovers Walk (Calais County series) will be coming out of Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select on January 19, 2015. The Nights Of Yes will be coming out of Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select on February 7, 2015. […]

Fourth Of July Meg Silver Sale Alert

by megsilver on July 3, 2014

Hey, everybody! Guess what we’re doing for Fourth of July?! Having a sale, of course. Here’s the latest on the Fourth of July Meg Silver Sale. All Calais County titles are now $.99 USD (permanent change) E-BOOK PURCHASE LINKS: Smashwords Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU Barnes & Noble All Romance e-Books iTunes […]

Santa, About Those Teeth…

by megsilver on December 23, 2013

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I certainly did — Mr. Silver surprised me by coming home three days earlier than planned (hence my utter disappearance Friday). In other news, thank you to the lovely Sara over at Kayla the Bibliophile. She’s always so enthusiastic about books, and she put together a […]

by megsilver on December 19, 2013

Congratulations to MauveX, yesterday’s TNOY giveaway winner. If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, get signed up today! I’ve got family things happening today, so I’ll be in and out of the office. And when I say “in and out” I really mean “running around frantically trying to get stuff done”. Have a great Thursday! […]

Winner and Wednesday

by megsilver on December 18, 2013

Ack! Late start this morning. Yesterday’s drawing winner: Liz A Congrats! Remember, there are two more days to enter, and two more chances to win. Now, to go set the Christmas tree back up for the nine-hundredth time. (At this point, I should probably just leave it on its side. Ruddy cats.) Facebook Twitter Google+ […]

Monday’s Winner

by megsilver on December 17, 2013

Monday’s winner for The Nights Of Yes giveaway: Julie Willer Congrats, Julie! Want to be today’s winner? Please use this form to enter the drawing. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

GIVEAWAY: The Nights Of Yes

by megsilver on December 16, 2013

To celebrate The Nights of Yes‘s release, we’re doing a giveaway. One winner will be chosen each day through Friday, December 20. Please enter by filling out this form. Winners are chosen at random. Prizes will land in inboxes immediately after each day’s drawing. If you don’t win the first day, try, try again! Facebook […]

The Nights Of Yes

by megsilver on December 15, 2013

EDIT TO ADD Okay, so if you ever want to watch an author go into a cold panic, call them at 11:12 PM and ask, “Um… Which version of the production file did you convert? I just downloaded off Amazon, and there’s mistakes in there from two rounds ago.” Yeah. I converted and uploaded the […]