‘Twas a holiday weekend here in the States: Memorial Day. Aside from the solemnity of the occasion, for those of us who value our peace and quiet, Memorial Day means impending doom: The end of the school year.

One and a half days left, here. *whimper*

In other news, babycat and rescue #4 (Bezoar) — who look dang near identical even though they’re not related — with an editorial comment on how exciting their mama is these days:


Baby cat refuses to be named. Nothing sticks. I call her “Crazy Train” most of the time. Daughter calls her Gremlin.

She sleeps upside down a lot.

Crazy Train

Back to work for me. Have a great week!

2 Replies to “TickTock”

  1. My cat sleeps upside down a lot too. Quite often fully stretched out and he is a big cat!

    1. lol We call that “pelting”. Booger and Princess Moo (our two huge sibling cats) do that all the time.

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