Hey, everybody!

Okay, I’ve just surrendered to the fact that I can either write, or I can blog, so I’ve been investing all my author time into the writing. That leaves things pretty quiet around here, but I figured, given the choice, y’all would rather I wrote instead of blogged, yes?

For The Wicked‘s audiobook went live very recently, which means all of Fantasy Heights Season One is now available in audio. Thank you, Audrey Lusk!

In other news, I’ve got two Sessions episodes and Fantasy Heights episode 14 in the pipeline. I still haven’t replaced Emma; the search continues.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Stay safe out there!

2 Replies to “Holiday Hangover”

  1. Good luck finding a replacement for Emma. I’d offer my services if I was a professional. Just a fan and a writer working on my own stuff, though.

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