I’m on “vacation” from the day job this week. Note the ironic-usage quotes around “vacation”. I’m spending the week getting Episode 15 ready for the beta team.

That means we have until Friday for new (and old) beta readers to sign up using the new form. We’ve still got plenty of room at the table, so don’t be shy.

Now, who wants to write this episode’s promo copy for me? Anyone? Anyone?


2 Replies to “Monday Stuff”

  1. I am not caught up with any season two. 🙁
    Just been through a crazy marriage breakup and divorce these last couple of years. Such liberation!! And moving back to my country at the end of the year.
    Feeling out of the loop but have been haven’t stopped following you….
    Just wanted to say Hi. Still huge fan and supporter. I am still on board with being a beta reader when I land back the the UK in January.
    So glad you are still pushing stuff out.

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