Hi, everybody.

Following several inbox proddings, I’m surfacing to post an update.

I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news.

Bad news first: I’m averaging sixty hours a week at the day job. This makes me tired, and the writing VEEEEEERY SLOW.

Good news: Once complete, the final two Fantasy Heights episodes will be released together on the same day. The first episode is about 90% complete. The second episode is only about 25%.

I can’t give an estimate of the release date. Just know that I am as impatient for this to be done as you all are. As soon as I know anything more interesting, I will post more news.

Until then, everyone take care, and hang in there.

2 Replies to “Reports Of My Demise…”

  1. You are alive!!!!!!! So great to hear from you!
    60hours is no joke – Keep well and good luck with writing. Cant wait to see the next instalment xxx hugs xxx

  2. Adulting can definitely slow the process! Sorry to hear you are working so many hours. Thank you for update and as always looking forward to reading your work. Be well!!

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