I know. I suck.

I’m not dead. I’m still working on the last two episodes (which I’ve mooshed into one way-too-long episode so you guys don’t have to pay transfer fees twice.)

Still working too many hours. Got promoted, and while that’s great for the pocketbook, it’s disastrous for doing fun things like finishing this season of Fantasy Heights.

It’s happening, though. Slowly but surely.

So that’s my news. How’s everyone else?

2 Replies to “Really, Meg? Really?”

  1. Omg, best email ever! I love you writing and am so happy you are pursuing it!! Congratulations with all the change, and thank you so much for not giving up on your fans!

  2. Oh my god Meg!!! I actually was taken aback seeing your name pop up in my email. It’s been a time. Very pleased to hear there is work on the last two episodes, and changes in your life. Hoping all is well in Meg Silver’s world including the change in work.
    Look forward to hearing more form you again.

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