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Early Heads Up

by megsilver on September 14, 2015

Happy Monday, y’all. If you’re into audiobooks, be advised of a HUGE opportunity coming up next month. I can’t give away all the details quite yet because there are two things still pending, but suffice to say that you could win many, many hours of Fantasy Heights audiobooks… Stay tuned. I’ll post more once I […]

Wait… What?!

by megsilver on June 11, 2015

How can it be Wednesday already? Good lord. Anyway, I’ve just approved One To Watch‘s audiobook, so that should hit shortly. Audrey is doing such a great job with these and once Season One is in the can, y’all will probably get really sick of seeing the promo all over the place, but it’s so […]

Giveaway Reminder

by megsilver on May 28, 2015

So. ACX has yet to send me codes for At Her Command‘s audiobook. Kinda scratching my head on that one, but we do still have the monthly giveaway going on. Two days left to enter this one! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Monday Catch-Up

by megsilver on April 13, 2015

Happy Monday morning! Today, I’m spending part of my morning doing the final listen-through of At Her Command‘s audiobook. After that, it’s back to the editing cave with a big-ol’ mug of coffee. After that, I’ll be cleaning my office, since I just caught the dog hiding leftover chicken in his doggie blanket. I cut […] Giveaway Winners

by megsilver on March 27, 2015

Congrats to our four giveaway winners! These four lucky ladies won a complimentary copy of Help Wanted on Ambrosa Amy Donna Jessy Ladies, check your inboxes. Codes have already been sent. I would stick around and chat some more, but it’s already been one of those mornings. Like the one where it’s your […]

AUDIO: The New Girl

by megsilver on March 23, 2015

AUDIOBOOK on iTunes AUDIOBOOK: The New Girl on Amazon We’re still waiting on the version, of course, but I’ll post all that once we’re sorted. Have a great Monday! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


by megsilver on February 27, 2015

…And we finally have a link for HELP WANTED on! Narrated by Miss Audrey Lusk. Visit her website And here she is on Facebook Have a great weekend! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn