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by megsilver on August 5, 2015

Just a few things today: Episode 13 finally made it out to beta readers, so we’re getting a lot closer! I’m having trouble deciding what to release as an excerpt. I might not even release one before the book releases. Once you see how the episode is built, you’ll understand why I’m having trouble. The […]


by megsilver on June 29, 2015

Greetings! I’m getting a lot of email inquiring after Pressure‘s release date. I will try to answer all those individual mails, but since I know everyone else is wondering too, I’ll answer it here publically to cut the wait. I hate to give a release date at this point. I know there’s still work to […]

Monday Catch-Up

by megsilver on April 13, 2015

Happy Monday morning! Today, I’m spending part of my morning doing the final listen-through of At Her Command‘s audiobook. After that, it’s back to the editing cave with a big-ol’ mug of coffee. After that, I’ll be cleaning my office, since I just caught the dog hiding leftover chicken in his doggie blanket. I cut […]

Die, Darling

by megsilver on March 30, 2015

Killing darlings, this morning — this is writer-speak for revising things I really liked when they were written but drag the story sideways. I keep telling myself that we’ll have at least one deleted scene to share later on, but some of these are still painful cuts. Yeah, I know. I can hear you saying […] Giveaway Winners

by megsilver on March 27, 2015

Congrats to our four giveaway winners! These four lucky ladies won a complimentary copy of Help Wanted on Ambrosa Amy Donna Jessy Ladies, check your inboxes. Codes have already been sent. I would stick around and chat some more, but it’s already been one of those mornings. Like the one where it’s your […]


by megsilver on March 27, 2015

Thank you so much to Crystal’s Many Reviewers for spotlighting Fantasy Heights Season One on Throwback Thursday! It was good for me. Was it good for you? Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


by megsilver on March 24, 2015

This giveaway only runs until THURSDAY, 26th of March. The promo-loop got first crack, but now it’s open season! Up for grabs: Codes for a complimentary copy of the HELP WANTED audiobook from USE THIS FORM TO ENTER US residents only One entry per entrant Codes redeemable from ONLY (no iTunes or Amazon) […]


by megsilver on February 27, 2015

…And we finally have a link for HELP WANTED on! Narrated by Miss Audrey Lusk. Visit her website And here she is on Facebook Have a great weekend! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Nail-biting Time

by megsilver on February 19, 2015

Over the last couple days, I’ve been working on swapping Help Wanted from the old distributor over to the new. Availability will be weird, and site links will be even weirder. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Links will update as soon as everything’s sorted. Until then, the best bet is to search your favorite retailers […]