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PSA: Dialogue Tags

by megsilver on September 2, 2015

Authors and editors, lend me your ears: I read a lot. I love books, and I love stories. Now, before I get into the following rant, let’s get something straight. I am not perfect. I have my strengths and weaknesses as an author. As an editing team, Emma and I never catch every problem. We […]

Passive Vs. Boring

by megsilver on February 23, 2015

Welcome to a post about [probably] the most misunderstood pair of phrases in the world of editing: “Passive Voice” vs. “Boring Voice” Passive Voice is about one thing, and one thing only: the relationship between a sentence’s subject and object. Key: Subject Object Active structure: Tom sat on the chair. Passive structure: The chair was […]

34 Words To Kill

by megsilver on February 16, 2015

Moderation in all things… especially these 34 words. Clusters of these words are the chief cause of the dreaded “wordy” syndrome. They’re also symptomatic of stage directions vs. meaningful characterization. Take control of what’s on your page. Do an editing pass to seek and destroy this list. That So Well Just Really Little Then As […]

It’s Bigger Than It Looks

by megsilver on February 9, 2015

Tools Developmental editing requires good decision making. What do you base those decisions on? Let’s make some tools to help inform those decisions. TOOL 1: Reminder The first weapon is a simple reminder. On the first index card, write the following: Writers write. Facebook can’t edit this book for me. The audience is watching. TOOL […]

Self-Editing Attitude-Checklist

by megsilver on February 6, 2015

More from the Self-Editing-For-Indies webseries… This checklist is a hybrid from two sources: A self-editing guide that never came to pass The editing checklist that spawned Monday’s More Lore post For me, getting my head in the right place to self edit has been (and apparently always will be) a major chore. This checklist is […]

More Lore

by megsilver on February 2, 2015

I spent part of my Saturday helping someone prepare to “flip” the first draft of their novel. In the process, we tapped this sort of quasi-checklist I bust out when stressed a/o distracted and need to self-edit. The list got built back in my editing days as an actual process I would follow through the […]