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What Day Is It, Even?

by megsilver on October 4, 2015

I’m posting a day early because I’m out of town for business Monday and Tuesday. I’ll be starting a new day job, so things are exciting and interesting and busy, to say the least. It’s all good, though; once we’re past this initial patch of unknowns, my schedule will be delightfully regimented, which will make […]

Review Blitz

by megsilver on September 22, 2015

EVENT DATES: 22 September – 20 October, 2015 Reviews do much more than provide mission-critical feedback. They also play a key role in search algorithms. This helps connect you with books you like, and helps readers find new authors. Reviews have dropped off lately. To perk things up, we’re throwing a major review blitz through […]

PSA: Dialogue Tags

by megsilver on September 2, 2015

Authors and editors, lend me your ears: I read a lot. I love books, and I love stories. Now, before I get into the following rant, let’s get something straight. I am not perfect. I have my strengths and weaknesses as an author. As an editing team, Emma and I never catch every problem. We […]


by megsilver on August 24, 2015

Happy Monday! I’m regrouping after a crazy-busy weekend. While I was toiling away at the day job, our wonderful beta team has been hard at work, too. Thanks to them, we should have another new release for y’all by the end of this week. For that to happen, I need to get my editing braincells […]

Sessions: First Look

by megsilver on August 18, 2015

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you news of a new serial… Everyone, meet Sessions, the new mini-serial coming up next. Here’s our first cover: Pretty sure Joy would give me THE LOOK if I did not explain that the cover is still a draft. She’s not in love with how the cover […]


by megsilver on August 17, 2015

Happy Monday! Thanks, everyone, for a great launch. Go forth, my minions, and review! As for me, I’m headed into the word-count cave, which I will have to leave at 4PM. Should you hear a loud tantrum at that time, it’s probably me. Have a good one.


by megsilver on August 10, 2015

I’m pre-coffee and it’s Monday, so I don’t guarantee much by way of coherence in the following update: We’ll be wrapping up beta this week. Episode 13 still needs some cuts and clean-up, but we’re getting there. Soon. I promise.

Fair Warning

by megsilver on July 27, 2015

I’m posting this at the request of two of our alpha readers. They advise that it might be helpful for readers to revisit FH Season One before picking up Episode 13 (aka The Episode No Josh Fan Should Miss. Also The Episode That Almost Killed Its Author). Now, normally when I hear something like this […]