After a hellaciously long wait, Book 8 will be going live either very, very late tonight, or tomorrow morning.

I’d start earlier, but I’ve got a basketball game to go to, plus dinner plans, first. Also a husband who’s had to put up with book brain for the last four months — I am one lucky author to be this man’s valentine, lemme tell you.

I’m going to be naughty and say this is my favorite episode of them all. Also my favorite cover, even though Joy says I only like it because it looks sorta like the TARDIS.

We have a live link!!:

All The Queen’s Men for Kindle
All The Queen’s Men on Smashwords*
All The Queen’s Men on All Romance eBooks
All The Queen’s Men on Barnes & Noble

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PLEASE REMEMBER to be kind to your fellow readers. Spoilers suck if you’re not expecting them. I’ve created a new Book 8 Spoilery Stuff thread on the forums where everyone can talk about the episode with no worries.

*Please remember that darn near all file types are available through Smashwords. If you need some guidance on how to transfer a file to your device of choice, please visit this very helpful page.

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    1. Last time it took 5 hours. It’s hard to say if it’ll be better or worse this time…

      Right now, it’s still stuck in review.

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