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by megsilver on November 21, 2016

Two consenting adults, one hot arrangement… Harper Isley isn’t looking for romance. Someday she’ll settle down, but for now, all she wants is a strong, trustworthy man to meet her needs without demanding more. Matt Solomon has the perfect solution—a discreet arrangement between consenting adults. Harper agrees to surrender herself to Matt one night per […]

Fantasy Heights, Episode 14: Renegade

by megsilver on November 2, 2016

Episode Description: Sophie keeps Ben and the rest of the protective detail on edge during racy performances and sleepless nights. Josh raises Amanda’s hopes while Hector raises hell over Rylie’s risqué dalliance. All files uploaded. Visit your favorite retailers to check availability. Thank you so much for your patience. We’re almost there! /author slinks off […]

Episode 13: Pressure

by megsilver on August 13, 2015

Episode 13: Now that Ben has gathered the protective detail under one roof, everyone feels the pinch of proximity. Ben and Sophie cope with a change in their relationship while the past works its will on others in the house. Purchase Links: (these will go live as the book becomes available on different retailers) Amazon […]

Release Watch: Hellfire

by megsilver on January 19, 2015

It’s Hellfire release day! Finally! Episode 12: Sophie employs old tricks to investigate a risky target. Glimpses into Prescott East and Ben Oliver’s private life make her feel more like an outsider than ever before while the enemy ramps up the threat to Thomas Bishop, Amanda Tate and Josh Taylor. Hellfire Purchase Links: Other retailers […]

Eightman Release Day

by megsilver on August 19, 2014

It’s all happening! Episode 11: High hopes follow Sophie through a complicated second week at Fantasy Heights. Her investigation into Ben Oliver goes nowhere, her make-or-break performance with Carl Hurst goes sideways, and a surprise windfall from Amanda Tate introduces Sophie to Fantasy Heights’s most wanted: The Eightman. Excerpt link Purchasing Links Amazon US Amazon […]

Fantasy Heights Episode 10: Paramour

by megsilver on June 23, 2014

Purchase links should start popping up soon, so here’s the launch-pad post. I’ll update links as soon as I spot them — Reviewers, start your engines! Episode 10: Paramour-hopeful Sophie Morris arrives at Fantasy Heights. Ordered to please her clients and blend in with her coworkers, Sophie must battle against a distrustful nature to befriend […]

Early Warning System

by megsilver on May 15, 2014

We’ve been going over the promotional schedule for Fantasy Heights Season Two (such as it is) and it’s becoming increasingly obvious, what with Facebook needing to pay the bills and all, that we’ll have to rely on our own assets to keep our readers informed. (Y u no Twitter? I LURVE Twitter.) Also considering the […]


by megsilver on April 14, 2014

Happy Monday! Lovers Walk is currently processing on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Google Play, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords will shortly follow. (iTunes typically takes a couple weeks; Kobo is anyone’s guess) Files will start going live tonight, and should be ready by tomorrow, our official release date. I will, of course, add and […]

Calais County: Gentleman’s Privilege

by megsilver on January 27, 2014

Description: A secret society’s risque ritual offers Maggie Brandeis an escape from dire straits. To start a new life, all she has to do is give herself to an Argentum member for four nights of steamy passionate rites. Title: Gentleman’s Privilege Release Date: 28 January, 2014 Length: Novella (32k words) Heat level: Pretty close to […]

GIVEAWAY: The Nights Of Yes

by megsilver on December 16, 2013

To celebrate The Nights of Yes‘s release, we’re doing a giveaway. One winner will be chosen each day through Friday, December 20. Please enter by filling out this form. Winners are chosen at random. Prizes will land in inboxes immediately after each day’s drawing. If you don’t win the first day, try, try again! Facebook […]