Sorry. Yesterday was a blur, trying to get ATQM’s ready for its close-up.

Confession: I have not yet read Fifty Shades.

/hangs head in shame

Deplorable, I know. It will be near the top of the reading list once episode 9 is put to bed.

6 Replies to “Confession Er… Wednesday”

  1. Sadly I found the best thing about Fifty Shades to be the title of the first book. The story and characters annoyed and bored me. That said, you should give it a read since it’s right up there in our global pop-culture at the moment.

  2. I’ve avoided those books. The Twilight fan fic part already made me wary, but when I read the first page of book 1, I could see that that series wasn’t for me. Your books on the other hand, have been a pleasant discovery for me. I gorged myself on them today (you made my sick day brighter), and I’m beyond impressed. You’re one of the few erotic suspense authors where the suspense is as big a draw for me as the erotica. I cannot wait for book 8!

  3. I read Fifty Shades but the main female character is just plain annoying and the writing is awful and often pretentious. But I like erotica and sappy romance novels so I read and reread all 3 books…
    In any case, I so much prefer your books(which i also read and reread numerous times despite the lack of sappiness) because even if you took away the erotica portions they would still be very good reads, which is increasingly rare nowadays. I’m now anxiously waiting for book 8.

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