10 Replies to “Confession Tuesday”

    1. /fistbump

      I very often have manuscript open on one half of my monitor, Buffy season 1 playing on the other. I’ve seen some of those episodes so many times I probably quote them in my sleep.

    2. I think Austin Powers is very funny. Yeah baby, yeah. I love Buffy, the Vampire Slayer…Xander and Willow…woo hoo! And I still watch Ace Ventura. I use to fall asleep to watching Ace Ventura, Pet Detective(Like a Glove) until the video mysteriously disappeared.

  1. Okay… this one’s a little bit harder for me, but here goes. I still think David Bowie is uber sexy as the goblin king in Labyrinth!I’m also happy that my two year old has an obsession with goblins, so I have an excuse to watch him show off his package in tights repeatedly! Don’t judge me! 😉

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