We are getting down to the wire on Book 8. I can’t say exactly which day we’ll go live, but we’re getting very close.

Also a heads up: The last two episodes will be priced at 2.99. There are a lot of reasons for this, including algorithms that aid in discoverability, but the most important reason — to me, anyway — is that Saint Emma (editor) needs a major pay hike. She’s been working like a Trojan, and I don’t mean the prophylactic kind. Or maybe I do, because without her, you all would be exposed to some very bad things.

Last but not least, for you writers out there, I saw this link on the KindleBoards that is definitely worth a read about how our brains are jerks. When I read the cake part, about the fear of not doing ideas justice, I felt very sad to learn I’m not the only one whose jerk-ass brain tortures in this way.

And now I’m off to teach Monday who’s boss. Have a great day.