Happy Monday! Lots going on today; only eight more days until Paramour’s release date. So excite!


First order of business: to request an ARC of Fantasy Heights, Episode 10, please use this form.

Second order of business: Tomorrow is the cut-off date to enter the exclusive early-bird giveaway. Only those contest-loop subscribers who were signed up before the giveaway began are eligible for entry. Tomorrow, ten subscribers will receive their ARC copy of Paramour.

We’ll do a couple more giveaways before release. If you want alerts on upcoming contests, subscribe to the contest/giveaway notification loop using this page. The contest loop has a blue header. Can’t miss it.

And finally (for now), another FAQ from readers:

Q: (paraphrased to combine up several different versions) I thought the Paramour Project was supposed to be its own series. Why is this episode titled Paramour?

A: To make a long story very short, I shelved development of the Paramour series because once I started developing story lines, I realized they would require tons of research and turn out plot-heavy. That kind of thing takes forever (for me) to write, revise and polish. And hey, I’m slow enough as it is, so I chose my favorite in-development heroine from that series and transplanted her into Fantasy Heights.

Want to ask your own question about Fantasy Heights, Season Two? Fire away.