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Where You Least Expect It

by megsilver on December 10, 2012

FAQ Day! Q: Why does it take so long to write an episode?A: I can show you part of the reason. I spent most of my weekend staring at this: That’s one corner of the storyboard wall where I keep track of characters and conflicts. It’s weird, but sometimes it helps to be able to stand […]

Snip Snip Snip

by megsilver on May 16, 2012

Today, I’m working on book 5, and feeling petulant because I have to cut word-count pretty substantially, and some of my favorite bits have to go. Here’s one. *sigh* —— “She’s got her own observer, right?” Thomas asked. [Undisclosed character] spoke up. “Yup.” “Josh?” “Nope. He’s in Virginia or something.” “I wonder what they’ll call […]

They Pull Me Back In

by megsilver on April 10, 2012

Today, I’d planned this whole ceremonial thing where I’d take down the story boards for the first standalone erotic romance. Yeah, no. Editor is saying “Not so fast, missy.” Harumph. I freakin’ hate it when she’s right all the time. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn