Episode 9: For The Wicked

Just in time for the long weekend, here they come…

Amazon US for Kindle
Amazon UK for Kindle
Amazon CA for Kindle
Barnes & Noble for Nook
Smashwords (all file types)
AllRomance eBooks

I will add new links as they go live.

Forum Thread for Spoilery Stuff Please note: do not visit this thread until you’ve read the episode. There will be spoilers… in a thread named SPOILERY STUFF. (It’s perfectly okay to post spoilery stuff in the spoilery stuff thread. They have been warned.)

Also, someone asked me for an episode-stat comparison a while ago. Here it is with the latest episode added.

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    1. Sweet! Thanks! And thanks for letting me know. I’ll go grab links for everybody.

  1. I just purchased on Amazon a well! So excited to read it I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book.

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